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Best Cars Over the Decades

The American automotive culture matured during the last half of the 20th century. Manufacturers created a variety of car designs, allowing everybody to share in the rich diversity of automotive technologies from the East to the West. Let's roll down memory lane and look at the cars that defined each decade since the 1950s.


Great Cars for Cyclists

For a cyclist, there is nothing better than hopping on a bike and feeling the breeze rush through your hair. However, serious cyclists often need to transport their bikes. 

Besides grand pianos, there are few things less awkward to load into a car than a bicycle. Removing wheels and wrangling the pedals and saddle into a position that allows you to close your trunk can prove to be frustrating and, in the end, damage the paint or upholstery. Carmakers are aware of this, with many building external racks and internal rails. Some of these extras allow you to transport passengers and bikes at the same time. Here is a list of five cars that work great for cyclists.


3 Scenic Colorado Drives

People who truly appreciate a scenic drive are normally people who attest to the fact that life is about the journey, not just the destination. Colorado boasts some seriously scenic drives, with 26 routes designated as national scenic byway. Here are three byways in Colorado, each perfect for a scenic drive that you won't soon forget. 


Can My Car Handle a Colorado Winter?

It happens all the time: Someone buys a new car in the middle of summer, and it seems like they thought about every detail. Then winter comes, and it turns out the vehicle isn't ideal for the icy and wet terrain, low temperatures, and other cold-weather challenges. To protect yourself from this frustrating mistake, make sure the car you're looking for is Colorado-winter-ready.


4 Exciting Summer Events in Colorado

Summer in Colorado is no season for staying at home. Before the heavy winters keep people locked indoors, the summer is full of events that capitalize on the great weather. Mark your calendars with these exciting events coming to Colorado this summer.


Key Additions to Maximize the Bed of Your Truck

The bed of your truck is an integral part of your vehicle! It can be used in a variety of ways, mostly for carrying and storing things. Nonetheless, it is one of the most important parts of a truck. That is why Colorado Motorcar Company wants to suggest some additions that help get the most use out of your truck bed!


The Best Used Trucks To Buy And Drive In Fort Collins, CO

There is plenty of used truck dealerships all around Colorado. We understand that it may be difficult to know where you can go to trust that you are not going to be receiving a bad deal on a truck you love. While you are busy worrying about where to buy your next truck (we recommend Colorado Motor Car Co.), we will tell you what we believe to be some of the best, most reliable trucks to buy pre-owned for your lifestyle in Colorado. Which would you rather prefer to get you around those Rocky Mountains: a Toyota Camry or Tacoma?

When it comes to what you want out of your truck, you have to be able to prioritize what would be best for your current situation. Think about your personal lifestyle and things that you do on a daily basis. Are you are a person who just likes the ride and feel of trucks, or are you someone who moves heavy duty loads from point A to point B? This could help you get a better understanding of what used truck would be best for you.


What to Look for When Test Driving a Truck

When you buy a truck, you’ll have it for a while. To avoid buyer’s remorse and squeeze the best value from your transportation budget, it’s important to thoroughly evaluate a vehicle before making a financial commitment.

A test drive furnishes an opportunity to evaluate a truck firsthand and ask the seller specific questions about it.


Tips For Buying Your First Lift Kit

Here at Colorado Motor Company, we specialize in trucks and want to help you get the best out of yours! We know how exciting it is to finally have a truck that you get to customize. You’re going to want to get started right away and get the best aftermarket accessories as quickly as you can. Here’s how you can start:


Luxury Trucks That Could Become Bargain Deals Within a Few Years

Over the last few years, cars like sedans and coupes are becoming less popular on the roads that we drive on everyday here in Fort Collins, Colorado. While there potentially could be multiple factors into this reason, one major statistic is that people are switching and swapping out their cars for trucks due to the way that trucks handle the slick and icy roads during the winter time and the nice, powerful feeling they have during the summer time.


How to Safely Drive a Truck in the Rain

Driving a truck safely in the rain is a little bit different than driving a car safely in the rain. The overall weight of a truck and the way the weight is distributed is much different than a car. The lightest part of a truck is the bed, and right under the bed is the drive wheels. This can make driving a truck in the rain a little bit trickier than you would think.


Choosing Tires for Your Truck

One of the most important choices that you will ever make for your truck is choosing the right tires. Trucks are purpose-built vehicles that can be tailored to fit a lot of different situations based on how they are configured. Your tires are critically important because they connect your truck to the road. If you drive a truck, here are some tips for choosing the best tires for your needs.


Make Your Truck Sing With These Custom Horns

From animal sounds to train whistles, with a custom air horn, you can accessorize your truck like never before. It's a simple way to play any sound you want in place of your standard horn—and it gives your vehicle a big boost of personality. Read on to learn how to make your truck sing with custom horns.


Why Families Need a Truck and Not a Van

Pickup trucks are very useful as family vehicles and notably fun to drive. There are many advantages that a truck has in comparison to vans. Pickup trucks can help make your job easier in that you can conveniently move just about anything. The larger the truck's bed, the more load you can transport.


How to Get the Best Radio Reception in Your Truck

We know, Fort Collins, you want the truck windows down and the radio blasting on high, but you also want different stations to choose from. It can be incredibly frustrating when your car just can't find a signal and all you're left with is white noise. A few tweaks to your truck and that will be a problem of the past.


Winter Truck Driving Tips

Winter in Northern Colorado can be a very dangerous time. Especially if you're going to be driving. That is why it's important to do everything you can to be as safe as possible. We at Colorado Motorcar Co understand that these conditions can test even the most experienced of drivers. That's why we've put together a list of the top winter driving tips to help you get through the winter months unscathed.


3 Holiday Activities in Fort Collins

It's Holiday time in lovely Fort Collins, Colorado! We at Colorado Motor Car Co. understand just how important this time of year is. That’s why we’re taking a break from selling the best used trucks in Fort Collins to give you a heads up on all of the fascinating things to do this holiday season.

It’s a time to spend with your family and loved ones and possibly reconnect with loved ones that you’ve lost touch with. And if you’re going to be spending so much time with family, then you might want something to do to create those warm and fuzzy memories.

We’ve created a list of the top things to do around Fort Collins for the holidays this year. So bundle up the kids and prepare to be amazed at all of the fun stuff to do this Yuletide